Our People

At Corners, we think of ourselves as research partners who care deeply about people and communities. We bring a team of scientists, staff, and students with diverse backgrounds and experiences to all our projects to help our partners build safer and healthier neighborhoods.

Our team


Jonathan Sun
Tina Law
Nikesh Mehrotra
Mollie Zoffer
Kyle Dobson
Kathryn Albrecht
Karlia N. Brown
James Murphy
Isaiah Jones
Fernanda Oliviera
Dawna Goens Leggett
Brianna White
Brandon Saucedo Pita
Ava Cheevers
Anissa Hajaree
Andrea Dittman

Career Opportunities

Corners is changing the culture of research by hiring and training a more diverse set of staff, scholars, and citizen scientists. And we are always growing, so check back often for new opportunities to join our team.

Data Analyst
Evanston, IL

Corners is seeking an intermediate-level Data Analyst to join our growing team.

Data Analyst Associate
Evanston, IL

Corners is seeking several entry-level Data Analysts to join our growing team.

Research Project Manager
Evanston, IL

Corners is seeking a Research Project Manager with strong leadership, communication, and project management skills to join our growing team. The Research Project Manager will help lead large-scale research and evaluation projects focused on better understanding and developing solutions to neighborhood challenges such as gun violence.

Research Project Coordinator (2 positions)
Evanston, IL

We are looking for two detail-oriented and highly organized Research Project Coordinators with strong communication skills to join our growing team. The Research Project Coordinators will help support large-scale social policy research and evaluation projects focused on reducing gun violence, improving public safety, and promoting neighborhood and community well-being in Chicago.

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The Center for Neighborhood Engaged Research & Science (Corners) is housed at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research. We develop transformative research projects with community and civic partners aimed at improving health and safety for more equitable neighborhoods.
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