Neighborhood Science

Neighborhood Science is our name for Corners’ unique approach to research. Working closely with our community and civic partners, we collect and analyze a wide range of data on the complex networks of residents, institutions, and organizations. These make up the “connective tissue” of communities and – by extension – our cities.

We seek to include the knowledge, experiences, and voices of communities and community members in the scientific process. We then integrate it with data from agencies and organizations to help us better understand and develop solutions to neighborhood challenges.

Our research illustrates how social relationships shape what happens across entire communities, and how the power of networks can be leveraged to improve health and safety for more equitable neighborhoods.

Featured Projects

Currently, our research focuses primarily on gun violence prevention and community violence intervention (CVI), policing practices, and public safety, and we are expanding into other areas that effect neighborhood health and well-being.
Community Violence Intervention

Research & Evaluation of Chicago CRED

CRED has developed an intervention that combines elements from street outreach, life coaching, and job training and readiness programs into a single-phased intervention that deals with some of the highest-risk individuals involved in gang and gun violence in Chicago.

Policy and Practice
Evaluation of the City of Chicago’s Investments in Violence Prevention Strategies
Community Violence Intervention
Street Outreach Analytics Response (SOAR)

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The Center for Neighborhood Engaged Research & Science (Corners) is housed at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research. We develop transformative research projects with community and civic partners aimed at improving health and safety for more equitable neighborhoods.
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