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Toyan "TJ" Harper

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Toyan "TJ" Harper

TJ is a doctoral student at the University of Chicago School of Social Work, Policy and Practice, where he also a master’s degree in social work and social policy in 2021. His research interests include the juvenile legal system and the collateral consequences of incarceration, particularly the impact on families and communities.TJ is a native Chicagoan who grew up on the south side and holds the city in a close regard. He enjoys spending time doing various activities with his family and friends such as visiting museums, art shows, and other adventures to pass time. TJ and his partner recently adopted a golden retriever mix, Zuri, whom they love to take for walks and play games with.

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Currently, our research focuses primarily on gun violence prevention and community violence intervention (CVI), policing practices, and public safety, and we are expanding into other areas that effect neighborhood health and well-being.
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