Street Outreach Analytics Response Project

In partnership with four organizations on Chicago’s West and South Sides, the SOAR Project integrates network science into the practice of community violence intervention (CVI) to assist outreach workers and victim advocates in their rapid, coordinated response to gun violence.

This initiative leverages CORNERS’ expertise in network analytics and our partners’ expertise in local conflict dynamics to collaboratively develop resources that bolster practitioners’ capacity to reach those at greatest risk for experiencing gun violence.

This project aims to support ongoing efforts to:

  1. Increase the efficacy of violence reduction strategies
  2. Produce a more cost-effective allocation of resources
  3. Model a collaborative and equitable approach to research and community partnership.

The SOAR Analytical Toolkit has been co-developed with community partners. The Toolkit contains a suite of descriptive analyses that are employed during SOAR meetings, including social network mapping and spatial visualization.

Ultimately, the SOAR Process facilitates information-sharing between the research team and CVI professionals, resulting in actionable analysis to target violence reduction efforts.

The SOAR Project is developing a conceptual framework for the ethical, equitable, and effective use of data in CVI work.

To learn more about this project, please contact:
Angelica D’Souza
Associate Director of Research Programs
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