The Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative

The Chicago Neighborhood Policing Initiative (CNPI) is a neighborhood-based policing philosophy designed to change the way the Chicago Police Department (CPD) polices and to ensure communities have a voice in how they are policed.

The overall goal of CNPI, which began in one district in 2018, is for CPD and communities to work together to co-produce public safety and equitable policing. CORNERS has partnered with CPD and the Policing Project at New York University (NYU) since 2018 to conduct an evaluation of CNPI, which has now been expanded to ten CPD districts.

CORNERS’ research and evaluation of CNPI includes three key components:

  1. An assessment of CNPI’s implementation, to identify fidelity to the model and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Ethnographic observations and interviews to understand the experiences of those directly affected by CNPI’s implementation.
  3. A quantitative study to understand the impact of CNPI on measures such as violence, arrests, resident trust in police, and perceptions of safety.

CORNERS’ multi-method research design captures the perspectives of residents and police in CNPI districts through in-depth interviews, systematic observations at police and community meetings and events, and analysis of key documents detailing CNPI activities.

To learn more about this project, please contact:
Katie Pelech
Research Project Manager
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