The City of Chicago’s Investments in Violence Prevention Strategies

In 2020, the City of Chicago directed $10.5 million through the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) to expand and support violence reduction strategies in neighborhoods experiencing the highest levels of violence in the city.

CORNERS partnered with the City of Chicago to evaluate the City’s investment in violence prevention strategies through a multi-method, engaged research approach to determine both the reach and impact of its investment.

The evaluation focused on the following four research objectives:

  1. Identify which participants the grantees are reaching.
  2. Assess participants’ risk level to determine if those individuals are at the high(est) levels of risk for gun violence involvement.
  3. Determine the direct and indirect reach of the City’s violence prevention investments to understand how many people the City’s investment impacts.   
  4. Assess whether the City’s investment impacted gun violence levels among those directly and indirectly reached.

City investments in violence prevention strategies have helped CVI organizations reach and deliver essential services to individuals most vulnerable to gun violence.


To learn more about this project, please contact:
Dallas Wright
Research Project Manager
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